Winapay Honest Review; The Good And Bad Sides

All you need to know about Winapay.

  This Winapay review is a thorough and brutally honest one, that I promise you. Now I’ll go straight to the point and won’t waste your time.

This post covers;

*What Winapay is all about.

*The Good side.

*The bad side (downsides).

*How Winapay works and how to sign up.

Alright let’s get started.

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    What Winapay is all about.


Honest Winapay review; the good and bad.


Winapay is literally a question and answer kind of online platform, Winapay is an acclaimed Online IQ website that pays people from 2,000 Naira to 5,000 Naira, just for testing their Knowledge through a question and answer session.

You are asked 10 questions in each session and if you answer them all correctly, your wallet gets credited.

Got it?

The good side of Winapay..

1). Winapay website features a free version and a paid version. For each paid session, If you answer the 10 questions correctly, you earn 2000 or 5000 Naira.


2). You get 150 Naira anytime you share WinApay on your social media network daily.


3). Winapay has an affiliate program that earns you 1000 Naira each time you refer someone.

As an affiliate; You get N5 for every hour you login on WinApay, you can also buy Airtime, Data and pay Cable bills with your Affiliate Earnings.


4). The Minimum withdrawal amount is 2000 Naira and payments are processed within 24 Hours straight to your bank.


5). Is Winapay legit?  YES, WINAPAY IS LEGIT.


These aforementioned things sound cool,  right?

Now hold on, let me tell you the bad side.


The bad side of Winapay

1). Demo/free version is deceiving:

Although Winapay is legit, it isn’t as easy as you think. They ask you simple questions in the demo or free version to make you think the real questions are so cheap and simple.

(But just try the paid version, I bet you won’t feel the same way).


2). Real difficult questions:

The paid version requires 200 or 500 Naira for each set of 10 questions.

And oh my! Those 10 questions?

Those 10 questions are damn brain wracking.

You have to be really up-to-date with the latest info on any category you choose. If you choose sports or you choose politics, you have to know every little detail about sports or politics as the case may be, if you choose entertainment, you have to know the latest entertainment news, likewise other categories .


3). Very little time:

You’ve got only 1 min 40 sec to answer those 10 mighty questions or else your money goes.

Don’t even think about googling it!

Gotcha! Didn’t I? ….Lol!…

If you think you can google the answers, your 1 min, 40 sec will be gone before you even know what’s happening….. haha!.

(In my experience, the most you can google is just one or maybe two answers, but that’s because I’m damn fast with my fingers, I can google or type in a really long sentence in just 5 sec)..winks*..

And you know what?

Sometimes, even after googling one or two answers, I still lost!! I would usually get 8/10 or 9/10. But yeah, few, and I mean just few of the questions aren’t that tough.

(I’m being too honest, ain’t I?… smiles*).


4). Mode of play:

If you fail just 2 or 3 questions, you get half of your money back. This is what I mean: if you played with 500 Naira, and you failed just 2 questions, you’re gonna get 250 Naira back.

BUT, IF YOU FAIL MORE THAN 3 QUESTIONS, YOUR MONEY GOES, if you accidentally refresh the page, your money goes, if your time elapses before you’re done with the questions, your money goes too.

You understand that?


5). Affiliate program conditions:

Now about the Affiliate part of Winapay, you pay a one time fee of 1500 Naira to activate the Affiliate program. And you can withdraw your affiliate earning into your bank account when and only when you have a minimum of 4 active referrals.

OK, let’s say you choose not to play the game, and you shift to the Winapay Affiliate program, you think it’s easier?

No! You and I know how hard it is to get a referral.

(Hey, you know I’m right!)


6). Conclusion:

In conclusion of the bad side of Winapay and out of my very own experience; Before you win the 2000 or 5000, you would have spent more than what you earned or won.

(I’m being too honest again,..sorry).



I wish you the best of luck.


Oh, before I forget, if you need help signing up on WinApay or you just need to know how it works;


Honest Winapay review
Honest Winapay review

1. Just go to Winapay @

2.  Login to your WinApay Account or Register if you have no account.

3. Play the free version to get started or Credit your account with 200 Naira or more to play the paid version. The free version attracts nothing and questions are repeated.

Good luck once again!

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